Quality Personnel – Still ‘Handy’ After 40 Years!

By: Connie Harris – President, Quality Personnel November 1, 1977 marked the opening day for Bowling Green’s very first temporary help service, Handy Girls. Sandy Lowe (now Boussard) decided that Bowling Green needed a business to supply clerical workers so lawyers and other businesses could replace their secretaries during vacations and maternity leaves. With an… Read more »

How to Stay Thankful When the Stupid Stuff Gets You Down

At the risk of portraying myself as a complete and utterly shallow tool (yeah, that ship has probably already sailed… *sigh*), I’ll just go ahead and admit it, I’m prone to letting the most ridiculous, meaningless things ruin my day. Someone cuts me off in traffic, my computer doesn’t work right, someone in customer service… Read more »

The Potential Pitfalls of Using More Than One Staffing Agency

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of a staffing office, our clients truly are in charge. However you want us to service your account, we’ll gladly comply and do the very best we can to exceed your expectations as a client. But there are several possible staffing arrangements that can affect the level… Read more »

Is There a Solution to America’s Opioid Crisis?

As anyone in staffing, recruiting, or hiring knows all too well, one of the top recruiting obstacles isn’t so much generating interest in the position. No, that part is relatively easy, especially if you’re paying a competitive wage. Often the hardest part, sadly, is getting the candidates you’ve carefully recruited at great expense to pass… Read more »

Employee Satisfaction: More Than Meets The Eye!

By: Brandon Luttrell – Business Development Manager It’s no secret that every company wants their employees to be fully engaged and productive at work. After all, employee productivity and engagement is the foundation upon which companies make money, expand and succeed. Without employee engagement, productivity would not take place, and without productivity, bankruptcy is only… Read more »

Society’s ‘Unemployable’ Problem, And What Can Be Done About It

In his January farewell address, I couldn’t help but notice President Obama crowing about an unemployment rate supposedly sitting at a 10-year low. That’s because, as Sean Hannity aptly pointed out on his show immediately following the address, upwards of 95 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force. In other words, the unemployment… Read more »

It’s One Thing To Say Our Service Is Great, But WE Can PROVE It!

  Is anyone else besides me experiencing “survey exhaustion?” These days, it seems like more and more companies are looking for an excuse to obtain my email address somewhere along the transaction process. Presumably it’s because they want to help me out by signing me up for some sort of loyalty or rewards plan, but… Read more »

How Will A Donald Trump Presidency Affect The Staffing Industry?

In case anyone hasn’t gotten the memo yet, this seemingly endless election season is finally over, and like it or not, our president-elect is Donald J. Trump. Things always change significantly when a new party takes power, especially if the new party has control of both houses of Congress. It did in 2009 after President Obama… Read more »