Seven Things Successful Staffing Agencies Get Right

  Generally, only the best survive long-term in staffing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a LOT of staffing agencies. It seems like everybody these days thinks they can open up a staffing business with a 401K withdrawal, a cell phone and a prayer. Just hang a sign, start knocking on doors, and rake in… Read more »

Why Are People Working Pretend Jobs When There’s REAL Work Out There?

  How would you like to have a fake job, selling fake products, pushing fake paperwork, and even a drawing a fake paycheck? Think I’m kidding? I wish I were. In France, the “employees” of Candelia company, an office furniture “seller,” come into work every day, process “invoices,” deal with “suppliers” and “customers,” type stuff… Read more »

Six Ways Our Government Is Hurting The Economy

  Just the other day, the CEO of one of our shared clients, Edward Gniewek of Bristol Compressors, made the news by speaking out about the lack of skilled workers to fill their positions. Gniewek said, “Tuesday, we had to operate the plant with 35 fewer people than what we need. It makes it very difficult for us… Read more »