Four Reasons Why it’s Great to be a ‘Temp’

We get it. When you were growing up and thinking about what you’d spend your working life pursuing, being a ‘temp’ probably wasn’t what you had in mind. Even the word itself can invoke negative thoughts – temporary, disposable, unappreciated, underpaid, you name it. And while staffing agencies (don’t call us a ‘temp’ agency!) have… Read more »

Get A Job!

  In an era of record high unemployment, companies are still having trouble finding qualified candidates to fill the open jobs they have. There are still jobs out there, and there are definitely job seekers, but the two just aren’t coming together en masse in joyful workforce bliss. The fact of the matter is, this… Read more »

Three Ways Some People Screen Themselves Right Out of a Job!

We’re constantly honored and humbled by the steady stream of fantastic people that walk through our door and allow us the privilege of helping them find employment. Were it not for them, we wouldn’t be in business at all! There are, however, a percentage of folks who come to us (and doubtless every other company… Read more »