Let’s face it, as more and more companies turn to staffing agencies to meet their personnel demands, staffing in general has developed a bad reputation among some sectors of the public. Certainly, some of this is the result of unscrupulous agencies doing unscrupulous things, but the majority of it is because, unfortunately, the public… Read more »

Image courtesy of sheelamohan at Our business is your success. Sounds like a great maxim, right? It may very well be in the corporate publicity-speak of many a company, but who really, truly means it? Sure, they may want people to be successful in the sense that, if they are, they’ll have plenty of… Read more »

As most anyone will tell you, first impressions are the most lasting. It’s said that it takes just one-tenth of a second for us to make our first impression of someone. If someone’s first impression of us is a negative one, that perception can be tough to shake. On the job, first days are like… Read more »

I’m not exactly sure how I got snookered into going to Walmart at 7:30PM on Thanksgiving evening (OK, maybe it had something to do with four kids and cheap toys, but whatever…). Every year my wife, the consummate, veteran Black Friday shopper, does it, either that night or Friday morning. She’s told me war stories,… Read more »

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA), while ostensibly providing health insurance to people who might otherwise have had little to no access to it, nevertheless presents a unique set of challenges to employers. Do you forego offering insurance altogether and “pay” the expensive monthly penalty for every full-time employee minus 30, or do you… Read more »

  It’s always good to remember the ultimate reason we’re able to provide the service we do – our associates in the field. Without the people who come to us looking for employment, the individuals who make us look good by showing up every day and working hard at our clients, we wouldn’t be in… Read more »

Sadly, as anyone in staffing or hiring entry-level workers can likely attest, that is far from the case. In some instances, not only do we NOT have it licked, there are pockets of otherwise great people whose stench would make a wet carnival worker cringe in disgust. Dealing with this issue was one of the… Read more »

  Generally, only the best survive long-term in staffing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a LOT of staffing agencies. It seems like everybody these days thinks they can open up a staffing business with a 401K withdrawal, a cell phone and a prayer. Just hang a sign, start knocking on doors, and rake in… Read more »

  How would you like to have a fake job, selling fake products, pushing fake paperwork, and even a drawing a fake paycheck? Think I’m kidding? I wish I were. In France, the “employees” of Candelia company, an office furniture “seller,” come into work every day, process “invoices,” deal with “suppliers” and “customers,” type stuff… Read more »