By: Connie Harris – President, Quality Personnel

November 1, 1977 marked the opening day for Bowling Green’s very first temporary help service, Handy Girls. Sandy Lowe (now Boussard) decided that Bowling Green needed a business to supply clerical workers so lawyers and other businesses could replace their secretaries during vacations and maternity leaves. With an out of pocket investment of $250 the venture was launched from a back room of an attorney’s office.

As business began to grow, Handy Girls opened its first “real” office on East 10th Street in Bowling Green. Soon after, Sandy began receiving calls for industrial and labor positions requiring heavy lifting and more strenuous work environments. The result was more men working through the company, thus causing the name “Handy Girls” to become obsolete and creating an evolution to Handy Services, then Quality Temporaries and then eventually… Quality Personnel.

Bowling Green Office – circa 1995

During that same time the company moved to an upstairs office on the corner of 10th and State Street, and then to 432 East Main Street, Bowling Green in 1981 with three full-time staff members. In 1990, with the addition of more staff members, Quality Temporaries moved to Scottsville Rd., then Fairview Ave. and eventually to Campbell Lane where the corporate and Bowling Green Branch are currently located. Quality Personnel now has seven full-time staff members in the Bowling Green branch and seven full-time and one part-time corporate staff.

February 1, 1986 marked the opening of the first branch office in Glasgow, where I was hired as manager. I started out with a desk, phone, phone book yellow pages and a S electric II typewriter. Our application was the size of an index card using the front as the application and the back to list the locations where the applicant was assigned. Our temporary employees called in their hours on Friday and a hand cut check was written to them that day.

Glasgow Grand Opening – 1986

Newspaper coverage of Glasgow’s Grand Opening – circa 1986

Our Franklin branch opened in 1993, Russellville in 1994, Hopkinsville in 1995 and Columbia in 1997, where Monica Shuffett is still the original manager. We were the first temporary staffing company to open in each of these locations and for many years were the only service in that area.

We currently have 28 full-time and give part-time “AWESOME” staff members. The average length of service is 15 years+. Quality Personnel’s staff are proud to be part of the AtWork team and are truly thankful to have owners who genuinely care about them.

Our Quality Personnel team – 2017 Christmas Party

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